Helpful Tips

Stay on schedule
Use the PeopleSoft ePerformance reports to monitor and manage the performance evaluation cycle for your department(s).  The reports are located in PeopleSoft> Main Menu > Workforce Administration > UC Custom Reports > ePerformance Reports.

Terminated Employees
If an employee terminates and has an active performance evaluation, either complete the evaluation process if the review has already been started or cancel it (Performance Management > Cancel Document).


Terminated Supervisors
If a supervisor/manager terminates and they own active performance documents, the department should send an email to to request the evaluation(s) be transferred to an alternate evaluator.

Evaluators on leave
If you have evaluations assigned to you and you are going on leave during the evaluation cycle, consider transferring the performance documents to an alternate evaluator so that they can be completed and approved by the cycle deadline. 

Departments should be monitoring the performance process via ePerformance reports and requesting evaluations are transferred to an alternate evaluator.  Requests should be sent to

ePerformance Access for Academic Supervisors
Note:  This process is only valid for faculty who supervisor staff employees but do not have staff direct reports.
Follow the process outlined within the IT Incidents and Service Requests.doc on how to submit a Service Request.  Search for the ‘eHR’ catalog item and request access to Performance Management.

Printing An Evaluation from Internet Explorer
Review this guide to successfully print an evaluation from Internet Explorer
Printing Guide
Note:   This information does not pertain to Safari or Mozilla.  You may experience issues printing from these browsers.

If you have questions about the performance management process or the online forms, please contact the support desk at: