Saving Your Work

Save your document regularly throughout your working session.  The ‘Save for Later’ button is located at the bottom of each document.  It is important to incorporate in your working process the regular use of the "Save" button.  Saving as you go (e.g.; every 15 minutes or after completing a paragraph) is a good practice to follow when using any web-based application as the internet is not 100% reliable. 

How Do I Know If My Work Was Really Saved?
When you click the Save for Later button, you will be prompted to confirm the action with an OK button.  You will also be returned to the main documents screen once this action has been completed.  This confirms that your content was saved.

For supervisors and managers, if you are taken to the top of your document when attempting to save, this means that there is required information missing in one or more sections.  Please check for error messages that appear in red at the top of the page.  Once you satisfy the requirement(s) select the save button again. 

The application times out after 30 minutes of inactivity
The current configuration of the application does provide a 5 minute warning prior to being timed out if there has been 25 minutes of inactivity.  Unfortunately, adding content to a text box is not considered being ‘active’ in the system as you are not moving from one page to another or clicking buttons.   If you do not confirm the warning message, you will be timed out.  If you have not used the save button during this period, your work will be lost. 

Optional use of a Word document
You may choose to craft your appraisal information in a word document and then cut/paste into the online form.  Editing in Word will be easier, allow you to control the character count and prevent any data loss due to system timeouts. 

In the event you lose internet connectivity or are "timed out” while adding content to the electronic document, your work is not lost in total because you can go back to this source document and simply cut/paste again into the application form.  All text boxes in the electronic document are limited to 3300 characters in length (including spaces)

If you have questions about the performance management process or the online forms, please contact the support desk at: