Reporting and Location Changes – Frequently Asked Questions

How is the reporting information used?

Within eHR, supervisor information is only used to initiate reporting and location changes. In the future, a staff employee’s supervisor will be able to complete online performance evaluations. Other Manager Self Service functionality will also be made available to supervisors in the future.

In addition, the supervisor information is being used by several systems that receive a data feed from eHR. The IT Service Catalog sends requests to the requestor’s supervisor for approval. The UC Learning Center will soon be using the supervisor information for course registration approval and notification purposes. Several other systems may be using supervisor information in the future to route approvals.

How is the location information used?

The primary purpose for the location information is to provide valuable information that is used for various areas of  UC Davis Health. In addition, several other systems use this information. One example is that the flu shot tracking system determines if an employee is required to receive a flu shot based on location and other factors.

How is a supervisor defined for staff employees? How is a supervisor defined for academic employees?

For staff employees: The supervisor is the person that supervises the employee’s day to day work, and has the responsibility for maintaining any system authorizations pertaining to that employee.

For Academic employees: The supervisor is administrator of record for the employee. This person is not required to be in a supervisory position. This person is responsible for maintaining any system authorizations for the employee. The administrator of record must have eHR access.

Who can change the supervisor or location for an employee?

The only people that can initiate a supervisor or location change request for an employee are that employee’s direct supervisor (as indicated in eHR), the supervisor of the direct supervisor, or any other supervisor up the hierarchy in the same manner.

How does a supervisor request a change to an employee’s supervisor or location?

The request is made through manager self service in eHR. Further instructions can be found here:

What do I do if nobody is available that can update the supervisor through manager self service?

The fastest and safest way to update a supervisor in eHR is through the manager self service functionality as mentioned above. Note that any of the supervisors above the employee in the hierarchy can request the change. If it is not possible to request the change through the system, you should work directly with your records analyst (for staff employees) or the department of academic personnel (for academic employees).

What happens if a supervisor is terminated?

A process is run on a regular basis that detects that the supervisor is no longer an employee and updates with the person who supervised your supervisor.

Why are my employees suddenly reporting to someone new?

It is likely that the employees’ supervisor has separated from UC Davis Health. A process is run on a daily basis that detects that the supervisor is no longer an employee and inserts the person who supervised your supervisor.

Where can I see a list of positions in my department and who they report to?

The best way of viewing this information is using the “Employee Locator by Dept” report. This can be found by logging into eHR and navigating to Workforce Administration ‐> UC Custom Reports ‐> Employee Locator ‐> Employee Locator by Dept

Why was my reporting change or location change request denied?

You can usually find out why a transaction was denied by looking for the comments on the request. In general however, there are two reasons why a change request can be denied:

1) Academic and staff employees were submitted in the same request. Since these employees are handled in two separate offices, the transactions must be sent separately. Please resend the request as two separate requests

2) You have requested for a staff employee to be supervised by someone that does not have asupervisory title or responsibilities. If you believe that this person should have a supervisory title, please work directly with your department’s compensation analyst.

3) You have indicated that an employee should be listed in an exempt location when they do not meet the criteria. Contact records or academic personnel for more information.

To find your department’s compensation analyst, please visit:

What happens after I submit a reporting change request?

The request is then routed to the new supervisor to approve the request. Once the new supervisor has approved the request, then the request is routed to either academic personnel or records to complete the change. If the new supervisor does not have access in eHR to approve the transaction (usually because they do not supervise anyone yet), an admin will manually review the transaction and complete the change. Once the request is completed, the requestor will receive an email notifying them that the change is complete.

What happens after I submit a location change request?

The request is routed directly to academic personnel or records to complete the change. There are no additional approval steps for location changes. Once the request is completed, the requestor will receive an email notifying them that the change is complete.

Can I designate an alternate person to approve reporting or location changes while I am away from the office for an extended period of time?

You can designate an alternate user within eHR to approve changes in your absence. This is done by navigating to My System Profile and indicating who the alternate user should be. Note that this only delegates responsibility within eHR, and does not affect approvals in other systems that rely on supervisor information to route approvals