Getting Started with ePerformance

Things to do before the cycle starts

Do you have PeopleSoft access?
All employees with an active UCDHS computer account should have or can get PeopleSoft access.  If you do not have access to PeopleSoft or have never logged in, go to the PeopleSoft Production site and sign in using your UCDHS computer account username and password. 

Upon logging in, an PeopleSoft account will be automatically created for you and you will have standard employee access.  Supervisor-level access will be automatically configured the following day, at which time you will have access to Manager Self Service and will be able to access the on-line evaluations.

Academic supervisors who do not have staff direct reports in PeopleSoft but would like to participate in the evaluation process can submit a Service Request through the IT Service Catalog system to have their PeopleSoft user profile updated.  See the Department Tips page for more information on how to request access.

Ensure your list of direct reports in PeopleSoft is accurate
Please ensure your list of direct reports in PeopleSoft is correct before the evaluation cycle begins or you will receive performance documents for employees who do not report to you. 

To verify your direct reports, log into PeopleSoft and go to Manager Self-Service > Job and Personal Information > Request Reporting Change.  If all of the employees listed do report to you directly, there is no further action required.  If any of the employees listed no longer or have never reported to you, please follow the instructions below to move their positions to another supervisor.

Reporting and Location Changes FAQ’s

How to Complete a Reporting and Location Change

If you have questions about UC Davis Health performance management process or the online forms, please contact the support desk at: