What's New in 2017?

Mandatory Training and P4P

A new requirement towards receiving a Fully Achieved Expectations rating is completion of Cyber Security Awareness and Sexual Harassment Prevention training. Employees who do not complete the mandatory training required during their appraisal period will not be eligible for a Fully Achieved Expectations rating.

More than 90 percent of UC Davis and UC Davis Health employees already complete these trainings, and managers can confirm their employees’ completion by accessing the UC Davis Learning Management System. Employees can check the UC Learning Center to confirm they’ve completed the assigned training.

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Four-point Rating Scale

The top-tier ratings (Exceeds Expectations and Exceptional) have been collapsed into one rating (Exceptional) that speaks to performance above and beyond the responsibilities outlined in your position description. The rating Fully Achieved Expectations reflects employees who are fully contributing to UC Davis.

More about the new rating scale (.pdf)

Employee File Letter

Each non-represented employee file will receive a memo from UC Davis Human Resources explaining the changes in annual performance evaluation ratings. As part of an emphasis on creating a high-performance work culture, performance ratings were reviewed and recalibrated in 2015-16. This recalibration has resulted in fewer employees’ receiving top-tier ratings. To reflect this change, the memo will outline the changes to the ratings and explain that unless otherwise indicated, any change in ratings is not a reflection of a decline in the overall performance or effort of employees.

Personnel file memo example (.pdf)

Calibration Resources

The P4P Project Team, as part of a continuing improvement process, is providing more tools to support the calibration process. The calibration process continues to be an area where supervisors have questions. To provide greater resources, the project team is identifying additional resources to enhance awareness and improve consistency in ratings across the university.

Supplemental content

2017 Training Requirments

President Napolitano's letter on UC- and State-mandated training requirements for the 2017 appraisal period.