How Self-Assessment Can Help You

Annual review season is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your past performance and set goals for your future at the university. Here's what UC Davis employees are saying about writing self-assessments.


Explore Your Passions:

“By reviewing my participation in groups, meetings and projects, I’m able to notice patterns and identify my areas of interest. This helps me continue to devote my time to areas that I am passionate about, and that make a difference for my peers, department and university.” – Alicia Webber, Payroll Supervisor, Shared Services Center.

Discover Your Potential:

“Self-assessments can be an amazing opportunity for employees to demonstrate their accomplishments and potential. Through self-assessments, employees can better understand how their experience and knowledge impacted their unit and identify ways to further utilize their skills."  – Marlene Denham, Human Resources Manager, Office of Research.

Develop Your Skills:

"I sometimes realize through reflection, that projects I would have initially identified as very challenging were actually development opportunities and led to a higher level of success in projects I took on later in the year." – Jana Avila, Performance Improvement Analysis, UC Davis Health System.

Contribute To Your Department:

“Writing my self-assessment allows me to take a comprehensive look at my role in the organization to not only highlight achievements but to also identify areas that can be improved through professional and personal development.” – Marlene Denhem, Human Resources Manager, Office of Research.

Pave A Path For The Future:

“Self-assessment helps facilitate conversations between my management team and I about my future career goals. My self-assessment is a record of my professional development, and a tool that I can use to advocate for my future at UC Davis.” – Alicia Webber, Payroll Supervisor, Shared Services Center.