FAQ: ePerformance

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What is ePerformance?

PeopleSoft ePerformance is a web-based, self-service, performance management solution that will streamline and improve the evaluation process.

What are performance documents?

Performance documents are employee evaluation forms which supervisors and employees complete together in order to document and evaluate employee performance.

Do I have to use ePerformance?

Yes.  Paper evaluations will no longer be used.  All supervisors will be completing employee evaluations online.

Why are we changing the evaluation process?

The process is not changing.  Only the method in which evaluations are completed and submitted is changing.

Have the review periods changed?

No, the review cycles will remain the same as previous years. Visit the Due Dates page to read more about the review cycles.

System Access and Setup

What if I don't have access to PeopleSoft?

Any employee with a UCDHS computer account can get access to PeopleSoft.  Simply access the PeopleSoft production site and sign in using your computer account user name and password.  An PeopleSoft account will be created for you immediately.

What if I can’t see the Performance Management module in Manager Self Service?

Send an email to Hs-evaluations@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu to have your access reviewed.  Include your name, employee id and description of the issue.

Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties with ePerformance?

Send an email to Hs-evaluations@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu with a detailed description of your issue.

Some employees do not have access to a computer. How do they review their performance evaluation?

You can sit with your supervisor/manager at their computer and make changes together.  Another option is to work from a printed/hard copy of the performance evaluation.

Records Retention/Accessibility

Does my manager need to provide me with a copy of my performance document?

No, your manager is no longer required to provide you with a hard copy of the document but can upon request.  You have the ability to view your performance documents at any time in PeopleSoft. 

What are performance notes?

The Performance Notes feature provides employees, supervisors and managers with the ability to document performance-related information within the ePerformance module at any time during the year.  Performance Notes can only be viewed by the person entering them but as with any document on a UCDHS system, the notes are the property of the UCD Medical Center.

Who can see my evaluation?

You, your supervisor and all upper managers in your reporting chain, as well as the Human Resources Performance Administrator, will be able to see your performance evaluation.


How will I receive training on ePerformance?

Training information for supervisors and employees is located on the Supervisor Toolkit  and Employee Toolkit  pages.

System Functionality

Can I edit or delete a performance note after it has been saved in the system?

You can edit a performance note in the system.

May I attach documentation such as performance improvement plans or proof of accomplishments in order to support the rating?

This is currently being considered and we hope to have this functionality in the future. We will provide updates as progress is made.

Employee Process

What happens if I move to a new department or change supervisors during the year?

If the evaluation period has begun and a performance evaluation has been started for you, it can easily be transferred to your new supervisor.  Your current supervisor can also transfer the evaluation to the previous supervisor to solicit feedback.  Completed evaluations cannot be transferred to a new supervisor or dept but employees will always be able to view their own evaluations online.

How will my manager schedule a review time with me?

Your manager or supervisor will contact you to schedule a review time to discuss the document.

How do I sign the performance document?

Written signatures are no longer needed.  You will ‘sign’ the electronic performance document by acknowledging the document in PeopleSoft. 

What if I refuse to acknowledge a performance document in the system?

If you refuse to acknowledge a performance document in the system, your manager will be required to acknowledge the document on your behalf, adding a note that the employee refused to acknowledge.  Acknowledgement simply indicates that you have been provided the opportunity to read your review and comment on it.  It does not indicate that you agree with it.

How will I know that the performance process has been completed in the system?

Once you review the evaluation with your supervisor and acknowledge the review within PeopleSoft (or the supervisor acknowledges it on your behalf), your supervisor will submit the document for approval and the document status will change to Complete.

Why can't I see my performance document?

All performance documents are cycle specific and may only be viewed during your actual review period.  Visit the Due Dates page to read more about the review cycles.

Supervisor Process

What do I do with documents that have been created for employees who no longer report to me?

Use the ‘Transfer Document’ feature to transfer the evaluation document to the correct supervisor.  Then go to the ‘Reporting Changes’ section of PeopleSoft Manager Self-Service to correct your reporting structure.  For more information on performing reporting changes, read the instructions on theSupervisor Toolkit  page.

I accidentally released the document to the employee but I am not finished? What do I do?

Use the ‘Change Document Status’ feature to re-open the document.

How do I submit a deferral?

Refer to the Deferral process located on the Performance Evaluation Guidelines and Policies  page.

I have an employee evaluation in my queue but another supervisor needs to complete the review. How do I handle this?

Use the ‘Transfer Document feature to re-assign the performance evaluation to another supervisor.  Be sure the person you are assigning the evaluation to is a supervisor otherwise they will not be able to access the document.

I transferred a performance evaluation to another supervisor but they are not able to see the document. What happened?

If the person you assigned the document to is not a supervisor in PeopleSoft they will not be able to view/access the performance evaluation.  Send an email to Hs-evaluations@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu with a detailed description of your issue.