Employee Annual Review

Getting Started

The annual employee review is an important part of performance management and employee development. At UC Davis, we have a consistent philosophy for recognizing and rewarding non-represented employees with a merit based salary program. Our philosophy is the same no matter if you work on the campus in Davis or in Sacramento. But, the tools and technologies for initiating and completing the annual review do vary by location.

  • On the Davis Campus, employees generate a Summary of Accomplishments (SOA), and they use the Employee Performance Appraisal Report system (EPAR) to complete their Annual Performance Review.
  • At UC Davis Health, employees generate a Self Assessment, and they use the ePerformance system to complete their Annual Performance Review.

Although the terminology and technology is unique, the philosophy for annual performance reviews holds true for all non-represented employees.  At UC Davis, we believe in a merit based salary program to attract and retain the best employees.

This pay for performance web site has all the resources you will need to understand your role and the steps you need to take to complete your annual performance review.

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