About Pay for Performance


Pay for Performance is the compensation program for non-represented employees. Through an annual performance review, the goal is to reward higher performance with higher pay. 

Annual reviews provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations between supervisors and employees about our work at UC Davis. It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments, evaluate performance and think about how we can grow professionally. It’s also the time when compensation is reviewed for the year ahead. 

It’s all part of our commitment to provide our non-represented employees with competitive performance-based compensation.

Guiding Principles


  • Within each school, college or division, an individual or group of individuals at the leadership level takes responsibility for coordinating and communicating the calibration and merit distribution process  

  • Supervisors and managers within that school, college or division are directly engaged/involved with the calibration process 

  • Supervisors and managers are informed about the merit application process outcomes prior to communication with individual employees 

Distribution of Merit: 

  • No across-the-board distribution. There is differentiation in the application of merit dollars 

  • The only factor considered in the application or distribution of merit funds is annual performance (e.g. equity and/or placement in the range/market are not considered) 

  • Application of dollars/merit is consistent across performance ratings

  • Supervisors are informed about the merit application process outcomes prior to communication with individual employees

Supplemental content

Important Dates

2017 Letter to Chancellors

Thumbnail image of Janet Napolitano photo

President Napolitano's letter to chancellors, regarding merit program for non-represented staff.

2017 Training Requirments

President Napolitano's letter on UC- and State-mandated training requirements for the 2017 appraisal period.